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Robert Webber Center Events

Trinity School for Ministry

Public Lecture: Dr. Paul Gutacker

Nostalgia Ain’t What It Used to Be
Learning to Love Tradition

Date: Thursday, June 6, 2024 at 7pm
Location: Trinity School for Ministry, Ambridge, PA
Cost: Free, registration required

Tradition is out of favor. The stories we tell and movies we watch depict tradition as that which constrains and stifles—tradition disallows individuals the freedom to “be themselves.” In many Protestant circles, tradition also suffers from a bad reputation, based on the concern that human traditions might compete with or override scripture. Tradition might prevent us from rightly hearing God’s word.

What if tradition is more? What if tradition might be, for the church, a gift? In this talk, Paul Gutacker invites the church to reconsider the meaning and significance of tradition. He diagnoses our contemporary hang-ups, invites us to reimagine what tradition is and isn’t, and offers a vision for learning to love the Christian tradition.


Dr. Paul Gutacker

Dr. Paul Gutacker serves as executive director of Brazos Fellows, a post-college community centered on common prayer, theological study, vocational discernment, and life together. Paul holds the Ph.D in History from Baylor and Th.M and MA in Theological Studies from Regent College (Vancouver, B.C.). He is the author of The Old Faith in a New Nation: American Protestants and the Christian Past (Oxford University Press, 2023), which received the 2023 A. Donald MacLeod Award for Presbyterian History from the Presbyterian Scholars Conference. Paul, his wife Paige, and their children James, Marianne, and Matthew enjoy life in East Waco, where they like to fish, go camping, and cheer on the Buffalo Bills.


The Robert E. Webber Center for an Ancient Evangelical Future was established at Trinity School for Ministry in 2012.  The Center was founded by its namesake, the late Robert E. Webber, an American evangelical Anglican theologian whose vision the Center broadly seeks to uphold.