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Trophimus Center

Trinity School of Ministry


In the small town of Ambridge, PA, a renewal is taking place. Storefronts are being updated, old  buildings are being refurbished to house new tenants, and new sidewalks have been poured.  Trinity School for Ministry has a desire to support this renewal in a way that is helpful to the town  and also helps to build community. To that end, Trinity School for Ministry is thrilled to announce  that we have just purchased the Presbyterian Church of Ambridge, located just a few blocks from  Trinity’s campus. The The Presbyterian Church is considered an architectural gem in Ambridge,  featuring rare dome construction, providing an excellent acoustical environment. The old church is  currently undergoing a total renovation and will be re-opened in the late spring of 2024 as The  Trophimus Center.  

Upon renovation, this space will allow us to host larger conferences, and broadcast our worship  services to the wider world. With a capacity of up to 600, the building will allow us to share our  mission locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Renovations include updating the sanctuary for Trinity’s worship and teaching needs, installing  new audiovisual equipment, creating group breakout spaces, designing spaces for student  fellowship and study, modernizing catering and hospitality areas, updating utilities, and ensuring  accessibility for all.

Opened in 1976, Trinity has a long history of working with Ambridge and surrounding  communities. Of interest is the fact that Trinity’s current chapel was a Presbyterian church, and 

when Trinity purchased it, half of the congregation began attending down the street at the church  that was just purchased. “We feel like God has taken us full circle,” said Thompson, “and once again  we are able to put new life into an older building.” 

The Trophimus Center will allow Trinity to move forward into the future as its residential student  population continues to grow and its partnerships reach even further globally. Trinity now has the  ability to: 

  1. Welcome local churches and neighborhood groups who need a larger space for events;
  2. Offer a setting for Christian conferences and education;
  3. Create a better setting in which to train Trinity’s students to preach and lead services;
  4. Provide additional space for Trinity’s students to relax and socialize with each other
  5. Film worship services so that we may send the recordings to students in other countries;
  6. Reach out and serve the wider needs of the Ambridge community.
Rendering of the Interior Worship Space

Trinity School for Ministry is an evangelical seminary in the Anglican tradition. In this fractured  world, we desire to be a global center for Christian formation, producing outstanding leaders who  can plant, renew, and grow churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.